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Land Clearing in Pittsburgh, PA

The trees, stumps, brush, and rocks on your property obscure its true potential. Let Blystone Tree and Landscaping provide you with land clearing in Pittsburgh, PA, that prepares the property for use, whether to build a new home, enlarge your current one, or develop that land.

Our tree company has been providing land clearing for residents of Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, for 75 years. Contact us today to find out how affordable this service can be when you deal with us. The onsite estimate is free.

Land Clearing Depends on the Use of the Land

Exactly what and how much needs to be cleared depends on the property you have and the use you will make of it. If you intend to build a house, we can leave plenty of trees and just remove trees and brush to make way for the structure, driveway, and walkways. If you intend to farm the land, then the trees, brush, and rocks must be all be cleared away.

With our experience, skills, and equipment, our professionals can provide lot clearing to your specifications and satisfaction. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Tree Clearing Preserves as Many as Possible

We recommend removing as few trees as possible because they add greatly to the beauty and the value of the land. Our professionals can harvest the trees for resale as trees of all sizes are prized for landscaping. Tree clearing requires care and experience so request our expert service. We provide a 10% discount for senior citizens.

Clearing Tree Off Land in Pittsburgh, PA

We Recommend Professional Lot Clearing for Safety's Sake

When providing property clearing services, our professionals first assess the land and then begin to take out the trees. After this, we clear the property of bushes and stumps as necessary. All of this requires heavy-duty equipment, from large chainsaws to backhoes, as well as people who are familiar with the safe operation of this machinery. Our tree company is in business to handle such tough jobs for you. Not only do we clear the land, but our professionals dispose of all debris, too.

Contact us today for land clearing that performs exactly the services you require on your property. We provide land and tree clearing for residents of Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania.