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Landscaping in Pittsburgh, PA

Let Blystone Tree and Landscaping in Pittsburgh, PA, improve the beauty of your property, as well as your family's quality of life. Nature adds so much to the enjoyment of your home. Adding plants, flowers, and trees improves the curb appeal of any property. For full-service landscaping from experienced professionals, rely on Blystone Tree and Landscape.

Our family has owned and operated a tree company for more than 75 years. We not only care for the tallest plants in your yard, but also the smallest. We provide residents of Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, with our landscaper's mulching service. Contact us today to talk to us about enhancing your property with plants and trees.

Landscaping in the Yard in Pittsburgh, PA

Landscaping Adds Beauty & Value to Your Property

A house without trees, greenery, or flowers is often unattractive or unnoticeable. Request a free estimate from our professionals concerning the plant and tree services that would add beauty and value to your property.

We are more than happy to work with your ideas and budget to create a beautiful yard for your property. You will find our technicians brimming with great ideas. In addition, we are prompt and professional, and offer weekend appointments.

Nourish Property with Our Landscaper's Mulching Service

One of the most beneficial services we can offer you is mulch installation. Using the natural, shredded materials that make up mulch provides the best nutrition and protection you can use for your beautiful trees, plants, and flowers. Request a free estimate to add this essential component to your landscaping.

Mulch Installation Does Your Landscape Good

Mulch offers a multitude of natural benefits to your yard. We place mulch around trees because of the following qualities it offers:

  • Enriching the Soil
  • Protecting the Ground
  • Preventing Erosion
  • Holding in Moisture
  • Controlling Weeds

A Choice of Mulching Materials

There are a number of different types of mulching materials. Our professionals choose what is best for your yard. Wood chips, grass, newspaper, and rocks all have their advantages, but the soil, the placement, and the plants are what decide the choice of mulch. Request that one of our professionals come to your house to offer you suggestions for landscaping. Such improvements will brighten your day and entice your entire family to spend more time outdoors.

Contact us today for landscaping and mulching services for your yard. We provide landscaping for customers in Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania.