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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Pittsburgh, PA

A multitude of gorgeous, healthy trees greatly enhances the beauty and value of your property. Ask Blystone Tree and Landscaping to ensure that your landscape is at its loveliest with our tree trimming in Pittsburgh, PA. Our tree company has the experience and knowledge to maintain your trees in health and splendor.

Our family has been doing tree trimming and tree pruning for our customers in Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, for 75 years. Contact us today to come out to your property for a free estimate. After our professionals trim and prune, we clean up your property thoroughly.

Cutting Tree Branches in Pittsburgh, PA

Tree Trimming Beautifies Your Property

Tree trimming service is required for your trees to grow as straight, tall, and full as possible. Removing overgrowth and unsightly branches greatly improves the appearance of any tree. Our technicians are experts who have the necessary skills and equipment to provide you with the finest tree services. Ask us to give you a free estimate to trim the trees in your yard. We provide prompt, high-quality, and courteous service.

Tree Pruning Enhances Health & Safety

The words tree trimming and pruning often are used interchangeably, however there are some differences in the two services. Trimming refers to thinning branches to improve the appearance, while pruning refers to cutting branches and limbs for healthy growth and for safety's sake. This is done if the branches are in danger of falling or growing into power lines.

We have all of the professional-grade equipment to do a thorough job, including a bucket truck for tall trees. Request a free estimate for service. We have weekend appointments available for your convenience.

Tree Trimming Service Offers Affordable Quality Service

Whether you need trimming, pruning, or both, we guarantee you outstanding results. That we can promise you. That is why our tree company has flourished for three generations. Our customers appreciate our hard work and excellent service and ask us to return, and they tell their friends about us. Know that when we leave your property after tree pruning or trimming, our technicians will have cleaned up all branches, limbs, and leaves. We want your trees to flourish, thrive, and stay healthy.

Contact us today to perform tree trimming and pruning for healthy, handsome trees. We provide tree services in Pittsburgh, Crafton, Green Tree, Oakdale, and Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania.